Eternal Safety

In spite of absolute evidence of unbelievable evil and demonic activity all around, few people really believe there is a devil and a burning hell.
Through the ages Satan's (Lucifer) great desire has been to be worshiped as God and to rule over this earth. Many times he has almost achieved the latter and God will allow him to do so for 7 years prior to the return of Jesus to reign for 1,000 years of peace, (Rev. 20:4). Knowing his time is short, Satan is truly "as a roaring lion seeking whom he may DEVOUR, whom RESIST steadfast in the faith" (1Peter 5:8,9).

His prime aim is to destroy the Bible (not only by open ridicule and falsehoods but by "new" translations); to defame the name and person of Jesus; to replace God with "the Force"; to silence Christians and suppress their activities through intimidation and false accusations or by legal means; to completely misrepresent the lives and actions of Christians through use of the press, television and films so that their influence and/or freedom is utterly destroyed.

Satan has already cleverly managed to get almost complete control of the airwaves, of the news media, of politics, of religion and of education. He has put together a team of the world's elite: royalty, prime ministers, diplomats and statesmen, international bankers and financiers, university presidents and professors, corporate executives of many of the world's largest companies, actors, actresses, philosophers, publishers, best-selling authors and even "Christian" theologians. Uniting the world for his takeover are: the New World Order, Globalism, the United Nations and the New Age world religion which teaches reincarnation (a genetic impossibility), astrology, channeling (communication with dead and with spirits) and Satan's original lie to man - that he can be like God or become a god.

NATIONALISM must be destroyed and replace with "WORLD" consciousness and the individual reduce to a number. With all banks tied into a global computer system, laser scanning, universal computer bar code, tiny computer chips - everything and everyone will be traceable!

The battle for humankind's future is also being waged in the classroom from kindergarten to universities with New Age and one-world teachers shaping young, captive minds, teaching globalism instead of patriotism, situation ethics for moral virtues and disregard of parental authority and validity or religious standards. Young, impressionable minds are being taught New Age meditation, visualization, spirit guides, sex education, alternate life styles, evolution, etc. It is all deliberate, dangerous and destructive!

Being saturated (even the young) with God's word is the only safeguard against being captivated and captured by Satan's lies. It is like going through an enemy minefield; only the Holy Spirit can give discernment as to the true and the false. Sift very carefully everything you see, hear and read and only move with caution and prayer. "Fear not, for I am with you, saith our God." 

(by Dorothy Mason Weyman)

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